Service Dog Legislation in the Province of British Columbia

In January 2016 the Province of British Columbia implemented the new Guide Dog and Service Dog Act.  Business owners, landlords, or individuals serving the public or providing lodgings have an obligation to reasonably accommodate persons with disabilities.

This legislation requires that service dog teams, or dogs-in-training have government issued certificate or other documentation showing the dog has been suitably trained. Guide and service dog and handler teams carrying government issued certificates have undergone training to a high standard, and are monitored and assessed. 
If an individual who serves the public or provides lodgings denies a certified guide or service dog and handler team access or accommodation can lead to a violation ticket, prosecution and fine up to $3000 under the Act, and/or possible Human Rights Code complaint by the aggrieved party. 

Members of the public who have questions about Service Dogs may contact the Registrar of the Guide Dog and Service Dog Program by email to:, or by toll-free telephone at 1-855-587-0185

You can find more information about Service Dogs in BC here: 

Province of British Columbia

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